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Home decor trends for Katy TX homeowners

With each new year and decade, home design trends come and go! If you’re wondering what’s in and what’s out as a Katy homeowner, allow me to fill you in on what industry experts are saying. As your Katy real estate agent, I find it fun to keep up with, but also not imperative to follow. Trends change quickly and vary among regions, so take with a grain of salt and always first do what you love! If gearing up to sell your Katy home, contact your local agent to find out what’s trendy among local homebuyers.

What’s on its way out in 2020:

Accent walls – Painting one wall is losing interest. If you want to incorporate color into your home décor, go bold and paint all the walls, or use accessories to add bursts of color that are easy to swap out.

Rose gold – Rose gold may be reaching an expiration date, but designers say that pinks are still in, such as bold magentas and corals. Brass and nickel are also still in, but rose gold not so much.

Farmhouse style – This was huge for a while, but mass-produced farmhouse features have taken the unique personality out of it. Heirloom and vintage items are making a comeback for one-of-a-kind looks.

Gray neutrals – Gray has come and gone, and in place are warmer neutrals, such as light browns, beiges, creamy whites, champagne, mushroom, ochre, amber and jade.

Open floor plans – Believe it or not, younger buyers entering the market are starting to prefer more walls and privacy to the open floor plans that have been huge for the past decade.

What’s coming into style in 2020:

Simplicity – “Less is more” is becoming a popular mantra when it comes to home design. Less clutter and stuff, more impact from the stuff that is there. In are clean lines in furniture, natural elements, greenery and heirlooms or local souvenirs that tell a story.

Earth tones – Bringing the outside in is a great way to bring balance and serenity to interior space. Cool tones are transitioning into warm earth tones, like chocolate brown, yellow ochre, wine and olive green. This is true for walls and furnishings, but also for trim and ceilings.

Unique lighting – There are all sorts of cool, modern lighting fixtures available, which are beginning to take the spotlight in rooms! From chandeliers to pendant lighting, you can find anything from natural cut crystal to recycled glass or metals in freeform shapes.

Mixed metals – You don’t have to stick with only one metal for each space. Mixing brushed brass, silver and copper is becoming trendy. Just don’t mix too many in one space.

Conversational spaces – Thanks to smartphones and technology, we’re becoming more distracted and disconnected. Conversational spaces are a way to combat that, with spacious seating and lounging areas. Furniture arrangement encourages conversation and interaction.

What home design trends would you like to see come or go in 2020? When ready to achieve your Katy real estate goals, I’m here for you! Contact me, your Katy real estate agent, for help selling and/or buying this year in the Katy real estate market. Start as soon as today!

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