house-1407562_1280Buying a home in the Katy TX area is a major milestone, not one to be taken lightly. In fact, there is a great deal of research that should go into your decision to choose and purchase a property. As your local real estate expert in Katy TX, I’ve gathered a list below of four things never to do when buying a home so your experience can be as positive and smooth as possible!

Below are four things to avoid on your home buying journey in the Houston TX area this year:

Don’t shop for a home by yourself
When you go it alone on your home search in the Katy TX area, you are missing out on all of the expertise a real estate agent has to give you! Do yourself a favor and team up with a knowledgeable agent before you begin looking at homes for sale. After all, they’ve done this before and can help you around obstacles!

Don’t take the first mortgage quote
Shopping for a mortgage is a crucial part of the buying process. Smart buyers will gather numerous quotes from lenders before deciding which mortgage type and interest rate best suits them. As a rule of thumb, never take the first quote you receive, instead look at a few quotes before you choose.

Don’t ignore your budget
There is a reason the term “price range” exists and that is to keep you from going over how much you can reasonable afford in the real estate market. The last thing you want is to find a home you love, but learn it is out of your reach. Sit down and create a budget, then stick to it when you begin shopping for homes.

Don’t ignore closing costs
Did you know many buyers are unaware of closing costs? Don’t let yourself be surprised at the closing table, learning that you owe more money, but ask your lender how much closing costs may be when you meet with them. You can typically estimate two to seven percent of the home’s purchase price.

Give me a call today for more information about buying a home in the Houston TX area! I am happy to provide a list of homes available around Katy TX, as well as next steps for making your home buyer dreams come true!

Mickie Cioccia | Broker Associate

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